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Aeroplane CAD Drawing Wing CAD Drawing

Engineering Personnel Consultancy

Strongfield Aviation plc has over 25 years experience managing worldwide contracts with all major aircraft companies across disciplines including: conceptual design, structures, aerodynamics, stress, weights, systems integration, propulsion and certification.

Why work with us?

Engineer to Engineer

Our specialist aerospace and defence group provides high quality resource quickly and professionally and seeks to always understand the real operational needs.

Access to the best

Web based database system contains only those who have passed our strict selection criteria, and is updated constantly as technology changes and customers requirements become more complex.

Searching for tomorrow

To ensure that we represent the ever-wider range of skills which customers need, we maintain a constant presence in the recruitment columns of national and industry-specific media.

Our offerings include:

Individual Engineers

  • Personnel consultancy providing specialist individual engineers
  • Work packages across entire lifecycle of aircraft design, manufacture & test

Integrated Internal Teams

  • Multi discipline development teams managed by Strongfield on site
  • Highly effective solution with a seamless transfer of data and results

Outsourced External Work Packages

  • Fixed price design & analysis work
  • Low cost country & UK based teams